Real-Time Guided Selling

There are so many flashy Salesforce add-ons, apps, and tools these days aimed at "revolutionizing" the salesperson's day. To a Sales leader, these tools are presented as complete pipeline expanding solutions. To the reps, these are the end-all be-all of hitting their number. Here's the kicker - there are a LOT of them. Plenty of companies have seemingly addressed the productivity issue in Sales, and beat that horse to death. With an average turnover rate of 34%, however, it's becoming more apparent that sales tools are trying to solve the wrong problem. The real pain lies in how companies effectively invest in the development of their Inside Sales and Sales Development reps. How can they continually train them with accurate data? The system needs to help coach reps in real-time.

What Is Real-Time Guided-Selling?

The notion that a rep can get on-screen tips during a conversation sounds pretty techy and futuristic, and maybe even simple. There are some basic requirements before any system can offer this kind of advice before implementing.

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The Four Pillars of relevant sales engagement


Relevance is time-consuming.

There are droves of companies currently automating sales activities considered tedious, mundane, or otherwise. Prospecting is an easy target, because its the hardest job in which to replicate results. When you actually do get someone on the other end, it's anyones guess how the conversation will go. You can ask all of the same questions, tell them all of the same value points, and uncover similar pain. This is the part you can't automate. 

The relevant conversation.

 The key to relevant engagement is to be as human as possible, which is difficult to replicate and scale. Careful time and consideration needs to be taken into each call to ensure that you are respecting the prospect's time. Herein lies the last frontier of Sales Automation: how do you boil down, replicate, and scale relevance? We've identified four key factors that make up a relevant engagement, from start to finish. We've named them (ahem, drumroll please):

The Four Pillars of Relevant Sales Engagement

 These four pillars exist in succession of one another, and complement the entire process from prospect to close. OppSource has built this into our sales methodology and our own product to produce seamless interactions between customers and Sales Reps. From start to finish, they close the communication gaps and get rid of lag time to create a more holistic experience. Here is an overview of their core elements:

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Will AI Take your Job?


There is so much speculation that AI is going to take over sales, and in a way people are right. Once sought-after and highly specialized jobs are going to be commoditized and fed into a machine. It's appealing to think about saying:

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